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Welcome to Undercover Indie Campaigns! If you were redirected to this page from our Twitter channel feed @UndercoverIndi and you wish to become one of our campaign donors then you are in the right place. Our donor portal contains information about our most current and active campaign(s). 

Notice ! Do to the current Covid-19 Pandemic our 'A Hand up, Not a Hand Out" Campaign has been TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED. Please check back for further updates once the "All Clear" has been given by the CDC for Schools to resume "Normal" Operations. Thank you - The Undercover Indie Team

Our active campaign for the month of June 2019 is:  "A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out"  

If you would like to donate to this campaign please click on the "Active Campaigns" tab located on the upper right hand corner of the home page. There you will be given access to our currently active campaign page which provides a complete description of the campaign, including eligibility requirements, donor instructions, and campaign rules. The donation button is located on the bottom center of the campaign description page and is labeled "Donate". Once the donate button is activated you will be redirected to PayPal where you will be able to complete your transaction. 



                               'NEW RAFFLE'

We are currently running our second 'blind raffle'.  A blind raffle means we set the dollar amount and the amount of entries that will be available. If your assigned entry number is drawn, you as the winner will be able to choose what gear you would like us to purchase for you with the proceeds from the raffle, including Tax, Shipping, and Insurance. Each entry will be the customary $5 for each entry and the set of amount of entries available for this raffle with be exactly 600 @ $5 each which is a grand total $3,000 US Dollars available for you as the winner to choose whatever your heart desires. If you would like to participate as one of our valued Twitter followers please purchase your raffle entries using the "Donate" button located on the "Active Campaign" page and contact us on Twitter via DM that you have purchased entries for the raffle so we may contact you to issue you your raffle entry number(s). Again each entry is only $5 each and you may purchase as many as you like. Raffle drawing will be held when all entries are sold. Please make sure you are following us on Twitter and that we are following you back so we may contact you with your raffle numbers. All entry sales are FINAL and no refunds of any kind will be awarded, so please make sure that once you purchase an entry and an entry number has been issued to you it is YOURS. Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS ! 

Thank you for your consideration and continued support of the creative arts - The UndercoverIndie Team 

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