A Hand Up , Not A Hand Out

“Where the gift of music is made possible through the kindness of others

Welcome to our second campaign, focusing on our continued effort to keep the gift of music alive and well in our public schools through the kindness and generosity of others.  =)

Synopsis: The ultimate goal of our campaign is very simple; to provide "a hand up" to school aged children attending school hosted music programs who for whatever reason are struggling to realize their dream be it due to lack of the program not having the proper financial resources to purchase the tools needed or to provide an upgrade to those who currently possess the basic tools, but those tools lack the ability to allow for advancement of their student's skills and have outlived their usefulness.

Donors: This campaign as with all of our future campaigns will be funded solely by member donations from the Twitter community exclusively.

Campaign donors will be given the opportunity to select a school program that fits our "need" criteria and who would, if chosen benefit from being selected for the grand prize. This action is not required in order to participate in our campaign and is offered only as an option for donor participants.  Donors who choose to select a nominee are encouraged to provide a short paragraph containing a convincing argument as to why they feel that their nominee deserves to be considered to be selected as the grand prize winner. However this action is also not a requirement to participate in our campaign, but it is highly recommended in order to give your nominee the best chance to be considered as a finalist in the grand prize vote. If as a donor you choose to select a nominee for consideration you are required to supply your nominee's School representative's name and contact information and enter it into the comment section of your PayPal transaction receipt. This is required for all donor nominees, NO EXCEPTIONS. If the donor nominee's contact information is not provided as required the nominee will not be eligible for consideration as a finalist in the grand prize vote.

Donations:  A minimum donation amount is required and has been set at $5.00 There is no maximum donation restriction. There are no restrictions set on the amount of times a donor can donate per campaign cycle.  However donors are restricted to one (1) donor nominee per campaign cycle.

Campaign Goal: The monetary goal for each grand prize selection is set at $2000. Once this goal amount is reached the campaign cycle will be considered fulfilled, thus triggering the grand prize selection process. All School programs that were nominated during that cycle will be considered using all information provided to us by their respective donor.  Once all nominees have been reviewed we will choose four (4) School programs out of that group as finalists to participate in the grand prize selection process. The four School programs chosen and a brief description of their worthiness will be added to a poll, this poll will be posted on our Twitter feed for a period of 24 hours to be viewed by and voted on by members of the Twitter community. The finalist with the greatest amount of favorable votes at the end of the 24 hour period will be declared the grand prize winner for that campaign cycle. Grand prize winners will be announced on our Twitter feed and will be contacted via email within 24 hours of the end of the voting process. Winners will be made aware of their winning status using the contact information provided to us by the donor during the original donation transaction.


Prizes: Grand prize winners will receive a gift of OUR choice. Grand prizes will not exceed the accumulated retail cost of the campaign prize limit of $2000 including applicable taxes and shipping costs. We reserve the right to provide a prize of lessor or greater value depending on whether the campaign was solely fulfilled by donations and/or how long it took to fulfill the campaign amount. We will drop ship the item directly to the address that was provided to us during the original donation transaction within 24 hours of the winning selection. 

Eligibility: Nominees are not eligible for consideration if public donations are prohibited by Federal, State. or Local ordinances. Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS. It is up to you to check your local laws covering donations to Public/Private Schools. Winners who are not eligible due to Federal, State, or Local Ordinances will be automatically disqualified from participation and the "gift" will be given to the next "eligible" nominee.

Donors are allowed to select one (1) nominee for consideration per registered email address per campaign cycle.

If you are interested in becoming a supporter of this campaign by wishing to donate please do so by clicking on the "Donate" button located at the bottom center of this page. This link will redirect you to PayPal where all donation transactions are processed. Thank you.